I started coming to Dr Metzler because of my chronic migraines that I had been dealing with for the last 7 years. I had went to my doctor and a neurologist where they tried all different kinds of medications that didn’t work for me. Then I had tried a couple different chiropractors and then finally met Dr Metzler and was amazed! He cured my migraines & I feel so much better. I’m so thankful to him and would recommend him to anyone. Being headache free is great!!
— Alison P.

Dr. Metzler is great, he genuinely cares about his patients and their healing, I first started seeing Dr. Metzler to maintain my spinal alignment due to my scoliosis, I came to learn thru my treatment that he also could treat my Plantar Fasciitis that stemmed from an injury months earlier.

With in 2 treatments the pain from the fasciitis had all but disappeared, and my spinal health has been gradually improving.
— Jason M.

Dr. Metzler has helped multiple members of my family. First my wife started seeing him for headaches, then myself for chronic back pain, and finally my infant daughter for digestion problems. He has corrected all of the problems and truly impressed my entire family. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.
— Andrew F.
Dr. Metzler did more than just diagnose the problem & give me adjustments. He also put me on a physical therapy program, which will produce greater, long term results. PT & chiropractic therapy should work together, and it’s rare to find a chiropractor that understands and practices this.

I have lived with chronic lower back pain for years, and Dr. Metzler has given me the tools to once again live pain free.
— Katrina O.

I started seeing Dr. Metzler in 2011 to treat a back injury resulting from a broken vertebrae from a biking accident, after 8 years and over a dozen doctors without result. I was on 1800mg of ibuprofen a day just to function normally, had lost so much mobility I couldn’t bend over and reach my knees, and was incapable of anything more than moderate exercise.

I saw Brad once to twice a week for about 8 months, receiving a combination of traditional chiropractic care and more modern techniques such as Graston. The effects were dramatic – not only did he completely correct my vertebral rotation and chronic pain issues, he radically improved my flexibility and enabled me to exercise without irritation.

It’s been over 2 years since I last saw Brad as a patient and I am completely off of ibuprofen, need very occasional maintenance adjustments, and am living pain-free. I can say without a doubt Dr. Metzler’s attentiveness, willingness to think outside the box, and clinical prowess changed my life. Thank you
— Alex F.